Top 3 Scariest Playstation Games

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Halloween is right around the corner, and the avid video gamer should not be left out of the fun. The horror genre in gaming goes back quite a few years, but with recent advances in technology, the genre is finally reaching  a level of fright to be truly noteworthy. And PlayStation consoles have been home to some of the absolute best horror films of all time, and if you're looking for a scare this week, be sure to check them out.
Fatal Frame

These days, when people think of the horror genre, they think more specifically of its subgenre survival horror. While there may be quite a few differences in what this actually means, the emphasis in these games aren't usually to shoot your way to victory, but to utilize whatever you have around you to keep alive. Fatal Frame is one of my all time favorite horror games because of its simple but terrifying premise: the only weapon you have in the game is a camera. Just a camera. Therefore you have to take pictures of the ghosts that inhabit this decrepit Japanese mansion to subdue them and capture them. The atmosphere is creepier than you would imagine, and the amount of "Oh my God!" moments always keep you on edge.

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Killer 7

Killer 7 is one of those rare games that makes you seem interesting just because you've played it. Because most people probably haven't. But that would be a real shame because it's easily one of the most unique, entertaining, and terrifying games I've ever played. I won't even try to tell you the plot because it's hard enough to follow. Even the premise is difficult to explain. The best thing I can tell you is that you play as a group of assassins, the Killer 7, who all have the task of eliminating "creatures" known as the Heaven Smiles. Sound weird enough for you? It gets weirder. The gameplay is a mixture of first person shooter and "on-rails" movement. Killer 7 probably isn't classified as a horror game in most circles, but it really can be terrifying at times. The cel-shaded art style has a dark and graphic look to it. What's more, the monsters you fight are invisible! The only way to see them is to go into first-person mode and "scan" for them, making the smiling, laughing, diabolical creatures visible and vulnerable. It's hard to describe, so why don't I just show you?

Creepy isn't it?

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill is terrifying. It's as simple as that. Do you see that screenshot? That's a screenshot of a mouth, a giant mouth, coming out of a wall. The franchise has spun off a movie and plenty of sequels, but something about Silent Hill 2 is, without a doubt, terrifying. The atmosphere is so thick, so heavy with trepidation and fear, the sounds alone can make the squeamish put down the controller forever. But if you do happen to go through all of Silent Hill 2, do all the puzzles, fight all the creatures that defy characterization, and confront the dreaded "Pyramid Head", know that when you're finished you have just had one of the single most horrifying gaming experiences in existence. It's just that good.

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PS3 is very nice game console to play the games and according to me Fatal Frame is the scariest game of Playstation 3. Players can feel the real fear when they play this game.
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