Survey: Kids Don't Want An Xbox For Christmas

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It's official, the PlayStation 3 has hit its stride. Sony's marketing is starting to get very aggressive, and they finally have the software to back up their claims. And when one looks at the sales for the new $299 PS3 Slim, it looks like the rest of America is catching on to the value of Sony's little console-that-could.

But a recent survey from, an independent video game news site, shows that kids aged 8-17 would rather have a PS3 than an Xbox 360.
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1000 kids were polled, and of those 1000, 66% claimed they wanted a new console for the holidays. Although most kids wanted a Nintendo DSi for Christmas, when it came to the home consoles the PS3 was tied at 21% with the ridiculously popular Nintendo Wii. That makes the first time the PlayStation 3 has been equally requested by consumers as the ever popular Nnitendo Wii. Great news indeed.

And the Xbox 360? Wasn't even on the list. 24% wanted a Nintendo DSi, 21% wanted a PlayStation 3, 21% wanted a Nintendo Wii, and 34% didn't want a new console at all.

Better luck next year Microsoft.

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