Netflix Comes to PS3!

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There’s some fantastic news from Sony today for movie lovers across the nation. Sony and Netflix have partnered together to offer instant streaming of movies and TV shows through your PlayStation 3. That means as long as you have a Netflix account, you don’t need any extra equipment or even to check the mail every day wishing for your desired movie. Just boot up your PlayStation 3, log onto the PlayStation Network, and instantly stream the movies in your Netflix queue.

Up until now, the Xbox 360 was the only console that offered this service, but there are a few reasons it will be best on the PS3.

1) With the Xbox 360, you could only get the Netflix service if you were an Xbox LIVE Gold member, which costs $50 a year. The PlayStation Network is FREE, meaning as long as you have a Netflix account, you don't need to pay any additional charges to stream your movies.

2) The PS3 is the only console that offers BD-Live, a Blu-Ray only extras service that gives you far more content than can be included in regular DVDs. Everything from behind-the-scenes, extra endings, interviews, and even ways to interact with the movie you're watching - all without any extra equipment or fees.

3) The PlayStation 3 is MUCH quieter than an Xbox 360, meaning that when you watch movies on your PS3, you can do so in comfort, without raising the volume high enough to bother your neighbors.

The service will be available to PS3 owners later this year for no extra charge. (Source)

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